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Why Your Smoke Shop Should Carry Disposable Vapes

Vaping has become very popular in recent years, with many smokers making the change from cigarettes to vapes and new smokers skipping traditional cigarettes completely in favor of this new form of smoking. While you may have a large stock of various cartridges, tanks, vaporizers, and other vape accessories, you may not have a variety of disposable vapes on sale. These are fairly new items, but they are growing in popularity. If you don’t have any disposable vapes, you can quickly build up your inventory by buying disposable vapes wholesale. Here are a few reasons why you should do so.

What Are Disposable Vapes?

Disposable vapes are very similar to standard vapes, but they have one key difference: they cannot be recharged or refilled. Once the user has used up the single charge and amount of pre-filled juice, the vape can be disposed of. These are very convenient since there is no need to carry refill cartridges or even a charger. All the user needs to do is pull out the disposable vape, activate it, and use it until it’s empty. They don’t need a lighter or even a charger.

Like standard vape cartridges, disposable vapes come in a wide variety of flavors. They are designed to be as similar to standard vapes as possible, and most people don’t even realize the difference. Because they’re disposable, you will need to carry a good number of packages of this product, which is why you want to look at your disposable vaporizer wholesale options.

Why carry disposable vapes? Here are a few reasons.

There Are a Variety of Flavors Available

One of the reasons why you need a variety of disposable vape products is simply so you can offer your customers a number of options. Just like standard vape cartridges, you’ll find everything from traditional fruit tastes like lemon and cherry to the more exotic mixes such as grapefruit guava and cucumber strawberry. Each brand of disposable vape has its own mixes of flavors. What you find from Hyde Disposables is likely going to be different from what Heylo Disposables and Fantasia Disposables has to offer.

Naturally each customer is likely to have their favorite flavors. While you’ll want to always have some of the standard flavors like cherry and lemon in stock, you’ll also want to have some of the unique options for your customers to try. You may even want to recommend some of these flavors to your customers so they can expand their options.

Disposable Vape Brands

There Are Also a Variety of Brands Available

Of course, with brands ranging from Air Bar to Juice Bomb Disposables to Pop Bar, your customers are likely to find a brand they simply prefer for one reason or another. Some may like the way a certain brand’s flavors taste, while another may like the price or even the packaging. Carrying a wide variety of brands by buying disposable vaporizers in bulk will help insure you have a customer’s favorite available.

No Nicotine Disposable Vapes

Not All Disposable Vapes Contain Nicotine

Another reason to buy disposable vapes wholesale is that you can make certain to have an assortment of products without nicotine. Not all of your customers may want to smoke products that contain nicotine. Some people do use vapes as a way of slowly cutting back on their nicotine intake. There are disposable vapes available that have great taste but no nicotine. Brands such as NicLess Stick and Heylo Disposables offer options that are completely free of nicotine. Customers who are looking to cut nicotine out of their lives but still enjoy the act of vaping because of the taste will prefer these products.

Those who have never smoked traditional cigarettes may not want to start due to nicotine, but they may be open to trying vapes if they know they can get products that are nicotine-free. If you have a selection of these products, you will be able to expand into this potential customer base.

Some Smokers Prefer the Disposable Option

While some people prefer to purchase a single vape product they can recharge and refill, others may find that using disposable vapes is simply easier and more convenient for them. They like the idea of using a vape and then tossing it when it’s empty. For some, this is a way of carefully keeping track of how much vaping they are doing. It allows them to limit themselves to a specific amount each day. Others may use disposable vapes to keep themselves on a budget. Whatever their reasoning, some customers will want this option or will be willing to try it.

Keep Your Inventory Well-Stocked

If your smoke shop doesn’t have a great variety of products, you’ll have customers leave without making any purchases. That’s why MWI offers a wide range of wholesale options, including wholesale disposable vapes. Whether you’re looking to carry a range of specific brands like Bang Disposables or are looking to pick up some of your customers’ favorite flavors, we can help. You can contact us at [email protected], call us at 713-771-7912, or stop by our convenient walk-in location located off Beltway 8 and Harwin Drive in Houston, Texas.

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