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Waterpipes & Accessories Are Essential Items For Any Smoke Shop

Every smoke shop needs a wide selection of waterpipes AKA water pipes. Water pipes are a favorite of smokers around the world as they provide a smooth and clean puff of smoke without the harshness that usually leads to coughing. They come in a vast variety of materials, shapes, colors, and sizes to fit anybody’s wants or needs. Water pipes and their accessories are an essential product for every smoke shop and will increase your bottom line while appealing to all types of customers. Water pipes are often the cornerstone to many smoke shops, so stocking them in your own shop means making easy money! Read on to find out more about the different types of water pipes and smoking accessories we offer.

beaker waterpipes wholesale

Beaker Water Pipes

Beaker base water pipes are a crowd favorite. They are a time-tested water pipe with a wide base that offers a smoother smoke and increased stability. Beaker water pipes are sturdier than most other common types of water pipes making them less likely to fall over and break during a sesh. They also hold more water and have a larger space for allowing bigger grander hits. Additionally, they offer plenty of room for percolators when looking for extra filtration and other accessories when enhancing your smoke sesh. To top it off they look beautiful and are made with materials ranging from glass to silicone.

Straight Tube Water Pipes

When looking for a more traditional look or a simpler design, look no further than straight tube water pipes. Straight tube water pipes are easy for the beginner to use and to ultimately master because straight tubes are simple and straight-forward. Also, they offer versatility with the ability to swap out multiple specialized parts and accessories. Completely upgrade your smoking experience with a removable downstem and add a dabbing nail or other device to use you’re your favorite legal herbs and concentrates. Straight tube water pipes may hold less water than their beaker base counterparts, but many users prefer the stylish simplicity and lighter weight.

Bubble Base Water Pipes

Thrown into the forefront of popularity in the 1970s these are what people think of when thinking of a water pipe. This extremely familiar design is what most would call a classic water pipe. They are extremely versatile with the ability to add accessories such as ice catches and different down stems and offer a larger volume of smoke than straight tubes. Bubble base water pipes will sit on the flattened base of the bubble or come with a built-in pedestal base. Offered in a variety of materials, these beautiful and functional pieces are sure to inject some nostalgia into your smoke sesh.

Dab Rig Water Pipes

Dab rigs are a special type of water pipe specifically designed to use with dabs, wax, shatter, and other concentrates. The emphasis of a dab rig is on flavor and airflow since filtration is not as integral when using a concentrate. They work best when used with concentrates but can also be used with flowers and other legal herbs. Up your game and maximize your sesh with a smooth and clean tasting dab rig.

Wholesale Waterpipes & Accessories

Key Water Pipe Accessories and Features


These are the main components of water pipes that move the smoke from the bowl into the main body of the pipe. Some water pipes feature a removable downstem making it easy to swap out different kinds of percolators or bowls. There are many types of percolators on the market, for example, honeycomb percolators or showerhead percolators and each offers a different vibe to the smoke or vapor. Another factor worth changing downstems around is the type of bowl piece, dab nail, or concentrate device supported by your downstem. They make it easy to convert your boring old water pipe into a fancy concentrate burning rig!

Ice Pinch

Some water pipes include a spot in the tube where it is pinched closer together. This gives the water pipe the ability to hold ice and cool the smoke or vapor before it enters your mouth. Many users love water pipes that give them this added versatility. It is also a big hit with newer water pipe users looking for the smoothest experience.

Splash Guards

Very handy to prevent swallowing a mouthful of dirty water while taking a hit. Splash guards help to prevent this awful fate and keep the water where it belongs.

Water Pipe Materials

  • Silicone – generally stronger than glass and available in a wide variety of eye-catching colors. These are a perfect EDC or durable party piece. Silicone water pipes are strong but flexible and some models can even be rolled up.
  • Glass – made using borosilicate glass making them more heat resistant and beautiful to look at. Many people prefer the smooth look and feel of glass while also claiming the flavor profile is much better. Glass is also often thought of as the more traditional material, though more fragile and can be broken from a fall.
  • Acrylic – plastic is another option for many different water pipes depending on the design. Acrylic is durable, lightweight, and best of all—it’s cheap. Acrylic plastic water pipes make for excellent single-use water pipes or convenient sidepieces that can be lost or damaged without worry to your main piece.
  • Other – silicone, glass, and acrylic are the most popular materials, however there are water pipes out there made from all types of materials, such as wood, metal, clay, and more. Water pipes are even becoming more modern with the use of electronics such as heating coils and temperature gauges. The only limit is the imagination.

Water Pipes Wholesale

Every great smoke shop has water pipes available in their shop. If you are looking for an awesome selection of water pipe wholesale and hookah wholesale products, then be sure to stop by MWI today and check out our massive selection of every type of water pipe. If you have any questions about our water pipe wholesale or hookahs wholesale products, be sure to reach out to us at [email protected], give us a call at 713-771-7912, or stop by our convenient walk-in location located off Beltway 8 and Harwin Drive in Houston, Texas. We are proud to be the biggest and best smoke shop distributor in Texas with shipping nationwide. Our customer service and deals are unmatched in the industry. Contact us today to find out about the MWI difference.