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Smell Proof Storage Products Lead To More Sales

There are many different accessories that a good smoke shop should have in stock for its customers, including a varied selection of storage products. Storage products include jars, stash boxes, backpacks, and other sealable containers that your customers will use to store or transport their other smoke shop products. Here are a few great benefits that come with offering storage products to your smoke shop customers.

Smell Proof Jars

Your Customers Need Storage Options

The first and perhaps the most compelling reason to carry storage products is because your customers want and need them. Everyone needs some sort of storage container for their smoking herbs. Few customers are going to want to keep different flavors together, so they will need some way of organizing and storing them. Whether it’s something small like the White Rhino PRUF jars that provide separate storage spaces for dry herbs and concentrates or something larger like the Ooze traveler bags and backpacks, your customers are going to be asking for options. If you don’t have a good variety of storage products, customers will look elsewhere.

There is a large range of traditional home storage options in the wholesale market. Classic storage containers with screw-on tops and flip tops are available from many brands. Some of these containers have plain exteriors and can easily be placed among other household items without standing out or advertising what’s inside of them. Others feature unique, colorful graphics and designs. For example, Fashioncraft offers a variety of uniquely designed ceramic stash jars with cork lids that come in shapes like a stack of donuts or the classic stash jar shape with a catchy graphic on the side like “Premium Roast & Toast”.

Customers May Want Portable Options

Smoke shops should offer customers home storage options like storage jars by a brand such as Uber with sleek metal storage jars, or Striko and Fujima with classic glass flip-top jars. Then, consider portable options for storage as well. Most customers will eventually want a reliable portable storage option that lets them pack up their herbs and other supplies and easily take them on vacation or other trips. These travel storage solutions should range from small options that conveniently fit in purses or bags to full-size backpacks. There are several brands that offer portable storage options. Ooze, for example, has everything from wristlet bags and travel pouches to crossbody bags and large backpacks. Again, you want to be sure you have a variety of brands and size options so that your customers can find exactly what they’re looking for.

Smell Proof Bags

Smell-Proof Options

Your smoke shop should be sure to carry a variety of storage solutions that are smell-proof. Smell-proof storage containers are designed to prevent any odors from escaping and keep your herbal products fresh. This means that your smelly tobacco, herbs, and associated smoke shop supplies will go unnoticed. There are a number of top-of-the-line brands that offer smell-proof options, including Ooze, Medtainer, TightPac, DoobTubes, White Rhino, Striko, and Fujima.

Ooze and a number of these brands use a special carbon lining to prevent smells from escaping. All these products are designed to be incredibly durable in addition to preventing any odors from leaking out.

Multi-Use Storage Options

While many storage options are specifically designed for storing herbs or concentrates, there are some products that are designed for both storage and grinding. Medtainer, E/Z Splitz, V-Syndicate, and RYOT are just a few of the brands that offer these multi-use storage/grinding products. The storage grinders are air-tight, so your herbs are kept fresh and are also ready to grind. They’re great when traveling since you don’t need to pack both a grinder and a separate storage container.

Discreet Products

For increased discretion and a way to hide valuables in plain sight, there are some great storage options that look just like other canisters and containers you already know and love. These disguised storage products look like normal everyday items. For example, there are safe cans that look like name-brand cans of soup or sodas. Other safe cans look like spray bottles or hairbrushes.

Secret Safes is the perfect hardcase storage solution for a customer looking for a durable storage solution with strong magnets that can be stored anywhere from a closet to attached to the bottom of your car’s chassis!

Additionally, there are plain-looking products like DoobTubes and TightPac storage jars. These containers can hide in plain sight, or you can quickly toss them into a drawer, cabinet, or even in a bag. DoobTubes and small TighPac products are useful for storing pre-rolled cigarettes, while larger TightPac make for a great discreet home storage solution.

Which Products Should You Stock?

With this wide range of storage products available, you will need to carefully consider what you need to stock. It’s a good idea to offer a variety of product sizes and materials along with some of the top selling brands. Ask your customers what they are looking for or may want in the way of storage. Taking their feedback into consideration will help you decide which of these different storage products to stock. If still in doubt, start with a few storage pieces of each type and style mentioned above and see what sells well in your area.

If you have any questions about the different storage products or brands, the team here at MWI can help. We offer a wide range of storage products at wholesale prices, allowing you to stock your smoke shop quickly and affordably.