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Why You Want to Sell Hand Pipes at a Smoke Shop or Adult Novelty Store

People have been using hand pipes to smoke herbs for a long time. Initial hand pipe designs were simple since most were made from animal horns, hollow bones, or wood. Today, hand pipes are hand-crafted and carefully designed smoking accessories made from glass and other materials. Glass hand pipes are the dominant smoking accessory in most smoke shops or adult novelty store glass display cases.

Why Sell Hand Pipes

The purchase of hand pipes has increased dramatically in the past ten years. Most of these pipes are made from borosilicate glass and come in different designs. Unlike Water pipes and wooden pipes, glass hand pipes hardly heat up to extreme levels. Instead, they lower the smoke’s temperature allowing you to draw it easily. More importantly, glass hand pipes do not alter the smoke’s flavor due to the glass material being inert and impermeable. Given the ever-increasing demand for hand pipes, it is only natural for you to sell them in your smoke shop or adult novelty store. Here are more reasons for you to sell hand pipes.

Fits the Individual

Hand pipes are personal. They are made to serve an individual’s need for smoking. Their small size makes them fit into the pocket easily. You can quickly fill the pipe with your favorite dry herb and smoke anytime and anywhere. Like other smoking accessories, hand pipes come in unique designs and colors, including animal shapes, color-changing designs, fumed glass, and chillable glass. You can effortlessly find a design that speaks volumes about your style and personality, which is a major determining factor for people looking for hand pipes. Lastly, it comes in multiple materials & styles to choose from, allowing you to find a pipe made from your preferred material. Today the most common materials used in making hand pipes are glass, silicone, metal, ceramic, polyresin, acrylic, and wood.

Perfect for the Front Counter

Even though there is a lot to see and find in the smoke shop or adult novelty store, customers are more likely to spend more time looking at the items on the counter. Hand pipes are the right products for your shop’s front counter display for so many reasons. They are colorful, eye-catching, and have countless options for the customer to choose from. Their small size allows you to put a bunch out on display. Hand pipes are also perfect for gifts like stocking-stuffers. Your sales numbers are likely to increase the more hand pipes are displayed and seen. Customers can also get another piece for their pipe collection when they spot a good hand pipe from your shop display. Some sales can also come from impulse buys when a client sees and likes one of the numerous pipes on display. Given that hand pipes are also high-margin products, making a lot of sales would mean more profit for you.

Uber Glass Hand pipes For Sale

A Hand Pipe is One of the First Buys for a Smoke Shop Customer, So Be Knowledgeable

In order to run a well-stocked smoke shop or smoke shop distributor business, you must understand Hand pipes. Some important points to know include:

Carb vs. No Carb

A carb is a hole on the hand pipe that allows for airflow manipulation as you smoke. You can either cover or open the carb to manipulate the airflow. If you cover the carb hole completely, air will be forced to travel via your pipe’s packed bowl. Some pipes have carb holes while others do not. A customer will choose a pipe based on their smoking method.

Bubbler vs. Dry Pipe

A bubbler differs from a dry pipe in function. A bubbler is used for wet smoking, while a dry pipe is used for dry smoking. Smoking using a bubble cools the inhaled smoke before it gets to your lungs. Using a dry pipe, on the other hand, might not cool the smoke enough. Even so, a dry pipe is easy to clean and carry around. Therefore, you should be able to give pipe cleaner recommendations to your clients.

Built-in Screens vs. Screens Sold Separately

Nobody wants to get a bunch of ash in their mouth when smoking. Also known as “pull-through,” ash pulled into the mouth is very common when smoking from pipes. Essentially, it is when your pipe’s ash and herb content flows through the pipe and into your mouth when you pull air too hard during smoking or when your ash has burnt to a fine powder. To prevent this pull-through effect, fit a screen onto your pipe. Some products come with a built-in screen while others don’t and then customers would need to buy a screen that is sold separately. As a seller, you should provide both pipe options to your clients.

Stock Many Options

You can stock different sizes of hand pipes in your smoke shop or adult novelty store for different types of clients. Ordinarily, customers looking for smaller pipes are more concerned about portability and ease of fitting the pipe in their pocket. Large pipes can make for a great smoking session with friends, but they are not easy to carry around. Other than size, stock pipes that are made from different materials, such as glass and silicone, and stock pipes of various colors and different styles. Unbreakable options like silicone might appeal to smokers with a high tendency of dropping their pipes. Stocking these types of products will ensure the needs of these smokers are met. In addition, by stocking products from different brands such as Uber Glass, Cheech, Helix, and OG Chillum, you improve your odds of having a diverse stock in your shop.

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