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Ultimate Guide to Detox Products

Over time, toxins and free radicals can accumulate in the body. These compounds can have potentially harmful effects that can lead to a variety of ailments such as low energy levels, pain, and even sleep anxiety. Toxins in the body are introduced in many ways from the food we eat, the liquids we drink, and even the air we breathe. It is often a good idea to rid the body of these harmful compounds with an herbal detox. Herbal detoxes assist the body’s natural ability to rid itself of toxins and free radicals. Some even say that they help with weight loss, improve mood, and help with a healthy sleep schedule. Herbal detoxes also help clear the mind and body after a weekend out with friends or a holiday with the family. Get back to work free and clear without the worry of letting a good time ruin your life!

What Are Herbal Detoxes?

An Herbal detox is often a beverage or tea containing various herbs but can also be found in the form of shampoos and capsules. They help eliminate harmful free radicals and toxins from the body or specific areas. The length time that a detox’s effect will last varies, as most detox are effective between 1 and 14 days. However, some of these detox products are recommended as a daily supplement for your body’s health on an ongoing basis. Many herbal detox products contain natural ingredients that promote liver health, help with weight loss, stabilize blood sugar levels, improve sleep patterns, and remove toxins from the body. Some prevalent ingredients include valerian root, cilantro, coriander, licorice, milk thistle, chlorella, dandelion root, rhubarb root, skullcap root, burdock root, ginger, and juniper berry.

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Types of Detox Products

There are many detox products out there to fit a variety of needs. Some are seeking to detox their hair with a cleansing shampoo. Others are looking to detox their bodies with teas, drinks, and capsules. No matter the situation, there is a detox product out there to fit your needs.

  • Shampoos, Conditioners, and Body Wash –This type of detox product is designed to clean the hair and body from head to toe. These deep penetrating formulas work hard to remove toxins and other harmful chemicals from the hair follicle to the tip. If you or your customer are looking for a detox product for hair and body, then this is the way to go.
  • Capsules –Capsules may take a little longer than some other methods to provide a detox, but they are highly effective. Capsules are designed to rid the body of nasty chemicals and free radicals from the inside out. They come in a wide variety of formulations from various manufacturers, but they all have one common goal. To clean your body and get you back to 100% whether your body has suffered a lifetime of neglect or just a weekend.
  • Mouthwash –For those looking to rid your mouth of toxins for a brighter smile and fresher breath, then this is the method for you. These mouthwashes are specifically formulated to remove chemical buildup in the mouth, leaving you with a reason to smile. Herbal detox mouthwashes are perfect for someone who is looking for something quick and easy that removes toxic buildup in the mouth.
  • Drinks and Teas –This is the classic detox. When many people talk about herbal detox products, they are often referring to a detox drink or tea. They are the most popular method for three reasons: they are highly effective, they are fast, and they are easy. Many users report successfully clearing their system of nasty toxins and dangerous chemicals in as little as a few hours with drinks and teas.
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Why Every Smoke Shop Should Be Carrying Detox Products

If you own a smoke shop, you probably regularly see customers who are looking to flush their system of toxins and other free radicals. Many customers will even travel from many miles away to your smoke shop just to pick up herbal detox products. This is because many people may be on a time crunch to expel their body’s from chemicals and get back to normalcy. On top of that, herbal detox products often can make your shop around $20 of profit per unit! This is a great margin and an excellent way to add revenue to your business. If your shop carries tobacco pipes, rolling papers, and similar supplies, it is a great idea to have some herbal detox products on hand. Customers often seeking these products will sometimes need the assistance of herbal detoxes. Be sure to have them on hand for when the need arises.

Detox Wholesale

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