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The Best Place to Find Wholesale Esco Bars

When looking for products to sell in your smoke shop, one of the challenges is finding exciting products that customers love at affordable wholesale prices. A few hot products that simply must be on your radar are Esco Bars disposables by Pastel Cartel available now at MWI with wholesale pricing. 

Esco Bar Vape

What are Esco Bars?

Esco Bars are disposable nic-salt vape pens designed in Texas, USA from Pastel Cartel. They are premium vaping devices available in a variety of delicious flavors. Buyers consistently give Esco Bars excellent ratings, and that is why smoke shop owners love them, too.

Why buy Esco Bars?

These nicotine vaporizers  have colorful, attractive packaging that live up to the catchy brand name, “Pastel Cartel.” But the reasons customers flock to Esco Bars go far beyond the superficial. Esco bars are hot crowd favorites in the current market thanks to their awesome taste, huge clouds, and the strong buzz they deliver. If you do not have these disposable vapes available for sale in your store, you are missing guaranteed sales. 


Esco Bars are more than your average nic-salt vapes. Each Esco Bars vape has a large capacity, between 2500-6000 puffs. That is enough to keep even the most avid vape user busy for a while. It is no surprise that custoemrs give these products five-star reviews!

Battery Life

Strong battery life is another benefit of using Esco Bars. These vapes come equipped with long-lasting batteries up to 1500mAh. In general, that is enough power to last a full day of vaping and more. 

Size and Shape

As you would expect, these premium vapes are beautifully designed to be the ideal size and shape. On the surface, they may look just like the average, traditional disposable vapes, but the extraordinary is in the details. 

Esco Bars are built with superior materials so they are durable and made to last. They are also designed to be super comfortable to hold in your hand, with a curved cylindrical shape. These vapes pack a big punch in a small, portable package. Instead of lugging around multiple vape pens, users can simply carry one Esco Bars disposable and know that it meets all their vaping needs. 

Different Flavors


One of the favorite features of Esco Bars is the incredible variety of high-quality flavors that can appeal to a wide range of tastes. Esco Bars come in dozens of different flavor options including fruity, minty, tingly, tropical, sweet, tart, creamy, smooth, and refreshing. Pink lemonade and watermelon ice are top examples of fan favorites. Other excellent flavor options include:

  • Watermelon bubble gum
  • Peach pineapple
  • Blood orange
  • Bubblegum ice
  • Banana ice
  • Red apple
  • And more!

Whatever tastes your customers enjoy for nicotine vaping, there is an Esco Bars flavor option in the catalog that will suit their needs. 

Huge Clouds and Major Flavor

The brilliance of the Esco Bars flavors even goes beyond the wide variety of options. The main reason Esco Bars are a cut above the rest is their mesh coil construction.

All Esco Bars vapes feature built-in mesh coils, so the vaping experience produces a deeper stronger flavor that is distinct from the flavors produced by other companies. 

The inclusion of a mesh coil also means users get to experience huge clouds, cool, consistent hits, and fewer dry hits. You simply cannot argue with the construction of the Esco Bars. 


Esco Bars is now going above and beyond to collaborate with major vape industry leaders and create even more nicotine vaping options. 

The Fruitia collaboration with Fresh Farms E-Liquid produced unique flavors like Blue Gummy, Blue Raspberry Lemon, and Fuji Apple Ice that are sure to satisfy your customers’ fruit cravings. 

Collaborating with Savage Enterprises, they created the Ripe Collection of Esco Bars. This collection includes drool-worthy vapes like Peachy Mango Pineapple, Tropical Rainbow Blast, and Blue Razzleberry Pomegranate. 

Other Esco Bars collaborations include limited edition flavors from Carsonator like Blueberry Ambrosia, and wild flavors from Kilo like Brazzberry and Rainburst.

The H2O by Aquios series of Esco Bars takes the classic Esco Bars to a whole new level with flavors like Blueberry Bubblegum and Mango Lassi. They use AQ30 technology with 30% water. This technology provides water-based vaping for the biggest clouds, the most flavor, and the smoothest coolest hits. To top it all off, H20 Aquios vapes manage to keep you more hydrated than the average vape. 

Pastel Cartel has created an amazing variety of Esco Bars among all these different collaborations. Your smokeshop customers will not be able to resist them, which is why they simply need to be in your store merchandise inventory. 

Buy Esco Bars Wholesale

How long does an Esco Bars vape last?

According to Pastel Cartel, Esco Bars vapes are designed to last for two weeks of daily use as described on the package. Because Esco Bars vary in capacity, different Esco Bars will last for different amounts of time. 

The best way to gauge how long each of the items will last is based on the amount of e-juice and the number of puffs advertised. 

Are Pastel Cartel Esco Bars Rechargeable?

There is an important distinction between ordinary disposable vape pens and high-capacity rechargeable vape pens. As the name suggests, disposable vape pens are meant to be thrown away when the user is done with them. Rechargeable vape pens, on the other hand, have batteries that can be charged multiple times, so the user can use the same vape pen over a longer period.

Esco Bars products are available in both disposable and rechargeable versions. For example, the Esco Bars MEGA are rechargeable nic-salt vapes that come with a 600mah battery and a large 14ml e-juice reservoir. They are perfect for customers who are looking to hold on to their Esco Bars for longer and use them repeatedly.

Where Can You Buy Wholesale Escobar Products?

You can find the best wholesale pricing for Esco Bars and other great products in stock at the biggest smoke shop wholesaler right here in Houston.