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Choosing The Right Scale For Your Shop

A trusty personal scale is a must-have for everyone including cooks for their kitchens, athletes for their supplements, smokers for their smokables, jewelers for their jewels, and many others. When you’re trying to decide which small scales to stock in your smoke shops, here are the things you should keep in mind.

Scale Brands

Top Brands

Stocking small scales from the top-quality brands at your smoke shop is a great way to ensure that your customers find what they are looking for and are satisfied with their purchases.


WeighMax stands out as the largest distributor of scales in the United States. They sell a huge variety of scales featuring different styles, sizes, and uses.


American Weight Scales (AWS) is an American-owned and operated scale manufacturer. Like WeighMax, AWS offers a major variety in styles, sizes, and uses of the scales they produce.


Fuzion is the top scale manufacturer to turn to if you are looking for classic, sleek options. Fuzion scales come in many sizes and styles and can be used for a variety of purposes.


Truweigh is known for its unique scale sets that have collapsible silicone bowls. You can find Truweigh scales for different uses in different sizes and styles as well.

Scale Measurement

The purpose of a scale is to measure weight, but that’s not as simple as it sounds. How well any given scale measures weight can be broken down into several important scale measurement concepts.


Accuracy in scales is a measure of how close the displayed measurement is to the true weight value. Scales with high accuracy will display the weight as a value extremely close to the actual weight. Smoke shops should stock scales with the greatest possible accuracy ratings.


Precision in scales is a measure of how consistent the displayed measurements are. Scales with high precision will consistently display the same weight of the same single object with minor or no fluctuations.

Customers will lose confidence in a scale and the smoke shop where they bought it if the scale returns a large variety of weights for the same object. For that reason, a high degree of precision is an essential quality of a small scale, especially for smoke shops.


Resolution in scales is a measure of sensitivity that each scale has. Scales have different resolutions based on the smallest increment that can be detected and displayed on the scale. High resolution 0.001 gram scales are very sensitive and will display very small changes to the displayed weight when adding or removing items to the scale. Low resolution 1 gram scales, by contrast, are much less sensitive but usually handle larger weights.

Compact Scale

Different Types of Scales

There are lots of different types of customers and there are lots of different types of scales to fulfill their measuring needs. Scales can be broken down into various categories including resolution level and intended use. To make sure you have what all your customers are looking for, you should stock digital scales in as many of these categories as possible.

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By Resolution

As mentioned, resolution describes how sensitive a scale is. On the most sensitive side, there are 0.001 grams scales which measure weight out to the thousandths of a gram. On the least sensitive side, 1 gram scales do not register weight changes smaller than a gram.

Between these two extremes, there are also 0.01 grams scales and 0.1 grams scales. Some customers are looking for scales with high resolutions so they can be as detailed as possible in their measurements. Others are happy enough with a lower resolution and less sensitive scale. It all depends on the customer’s preference and intended use.   

0.001g Scales

Used for weighing very small quantities of products like gems, jewelry, flowers, herbs, and spices.

0.01g Scales

Used for weighing small quantities of products like gems, jewelry, flowers, herbs, and spices.

0.1g Scales

Used for weighing medium quantities of products like gems, jewelry, flowers, herbs, and spices. These scales are also great for measuring cooking ingredients.

1g Scales and Higher

Used for weighing large quantities of products like gems, jewelry, flowers, herbs, and spices. These scales are also great for measuring heavier objects like luggage, people, and shipping containers.

Kitchen Scale

By Use

Scales are not one-size-fits-all. There are many kinds of scales depending on their intended use. Check out some of many possible uses below.

Jewelry Scales

Jewelry scales are useful for weighing very light items like jewelry.

Pocket Scales

Pocket scales are best for weighing small pocket-sized items. They can also be used to weigh small amounts of spices and herbs in the kitchen while cooking.

Kitchen Scales

Kitchen scales are best when the user intends to weigh cooking ingredients like flour, sugar, and other food products. They are also suitable for weighing larger quantities of spices and herbs.

Bathroom Scales

Bathroom scales are generally used to weigh personal body weight.

Luggage Scales

Luggage scales weigh heavy objects like suitcases. They are often structured with a hook to hold the luggage handle up and calculate the weight.

Shipping Scales

Shipping scales are meant to handle the heaviest objects like full boxes or pallets for shipping and delivery. They can withstand and measure very high weights.

Special Feature Options

Regardless of the type of scale by resolution or use, the most basic scale is utilitarian and simply measures weight. Many customers are looking for a little more from their scales, though, and that’s where special feature options come in.


While most scales have sleek and classy minimalist styling, your customers may also be interested in something a little more exciting. For these customers, offer them scales with flashy and vibrant color styling that are more personalized and unique.

Advanced Functions

A quality digital scale comes equipped with extra functions to make the user experience better. These features include easy calibration, auto-shutdown for battery saving, and light-up LCD displays to measure weight anytime day or night.

Another function that many customers are looking for in their scales is the TARE function. With this function, that means the user can put a plate or bowl on the scale and then zero out the scale. Once zeroed, the scale only measures the weight of new items added to the bowl or plate.


A quality digital scale also comes equipped with measurement conversions. Scales should be able to convert to metric, imperial, and U.S customary measurement units. These scales may measure in some combination of milligrams (mg), grams (g), ounces (oz), pounds (lb), carat for jewelry (ct), and deadweight tonnage for shipping (dwt).

Travel Scales

A scale does not always have to sit at home. Foldable pocket scales are a good choice for on-the-go weight measurements.

Discrete Incognito Scales

For customers interested in something more discrete, there are incognito scales that hide in plain sight. Incognito scales may look like soda cans, ashtrays, cell phones, compact disc cases, or even storage containers.    


The most important factor when it comes to selling scales or any other smoke shop product is quality. If your smoke shop sells high-quality reliable products, you will build long-term relationships with your customers and your business will grow.

Scales like the brands sold at MWI have reliable accuracy and precision. MWI has a huge scale lineup with major brand options in every style, use, and resolution type imaginable. When you shop for wholesale scales at MWI, you are virtually guaranteed to fit the weighing needs of any and every customer. The scales sold by MWI come from reputable brands and boast valuable, desirable qualities like long battery life and reliable measurements. There’s no better place to shop for wholesale digital scales for your smoke shop than MWI.

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