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Catch Some Good Vibes: Why Your Smoke Shop Needs Vibes Papers

Vibes Papers are some of the best rolling papers available on the market today. Here are a few of the reasons why they’re an absolute must-have for every smoke shop!

3 Gram rolling papers by Vibes


Perhaps the most important feature of any product is its overall quality. Without high-quality products, customers will quickly find somewhere else to shop. Luckily, Vibes Papers deliver on quality, big time.

Vibes makes its custom-watermarked papers and cones so that they meet the highest quality standards in the industry. These premium rolling papers are designed in the USA, cultivated in France, and cut in the Dominican Republic. You just can’t beat that kind of commitment to quality.

The quality of these papers and cones will wow any of your customers, including the most discerning ones. This tagline from says it all: “Vibes has created the ultimate smoking experience for connoisseurs.”

Vibes was created with the mindset for smokers to be able to keep their rolls and cones pure and potent with a variety of rolling options to choose from. That means they won’t be disappointed when they get home, open up the box, and start using Vibes brand papers and cones. If anything, the papers and cones will enhance the user’s overall experience.

For any smoke shop owner looking for products that will meet and exceed customers’ expectations of quality, Vibes brand papers are the right choice.

Quality hemp cones from Vibes


The product offerings from Vibes are as varied as they are high-quality.

Vibes offers two main styles: rolling papers and cones. Those styles are available in a selection of four different materials. The paper and cones are made from either hemp paper, organic hemp paper, rice paper, or ultra-thin paper. Whatever a customer’s preference for their rolling papers is, Vibes is sure to have something that fits the bill. 

These products also come in eight, yes eight, different sizes. There are 1 1/4” papers, king-size papers, 1 1/4” cones, king-size cones, 1g Cali cones, 2g Cali cones, 3g Cali cones, and 8g Cubano cones. For your wholesale convenience, you can buy any of these Vibes products by the box in various quantities. As for rolling tips, they’re available from Vibes pre-packaged with rolling paper or sold separately.

And for the customers who want to advertise their love of Vibes rolling papers and cones, Vibes offers a variety of swag. They can choose from Vibes water bottles, inflatables, notebooks, keychains, posters, and even mini basketballs with hoops. There’s something for everyone.

Vibes has a variety of rolling papers for sale

Name Recognition and Trends

Vibes brand papers and cones are the newest hottest releases from the California influencer, rapper, and serial entrepreneur Berner. You might know Berner given that he’s already world-famous for his Cookies brand that’s been taking over the smoke shop industry.

With the hottest papers on the market, your customers can use Vibes papers to light up in style. Vibes is a fresh new brand that is already taking over so join in while the sales are hot.

Stock up on Vibes papers and cones to show your customers that you follow the hottest trends by carrying the super popular Vibes products. They’re high-quality, available in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes, and well-priced for wholesale markets. Order Vibes today and your customers will thank you!

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