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A Comprehensive Review Of The Puffco Peak & Vision Plus

Concentrates have quickly become the go-to option for many. This makes perfect sense as they contain only the best parts of the plant, leaving behind a more potent, flavorful, and healthful way to consume their preferred product. In turn, this has led many consumers of concentrates to turn to powerful and effective vaporizer systems designed to get the most out of their product. Vaporizers have changed the landscape of the industry, allowing many consumers to get the dosage they need without the high levels of tar and other carcinogens often associated with smoking. One company that is poised to take the vaporizer industry by storm is Puffco with their beautiful and functional vaporizers that not only serve as effective concentrate delivery systems but also as art pieces. Read on below to find out more about their awesome company and two of their flagship products, the Puffco Peak and the Puffco Vision Plus.

Who Is Puffco?

Puffco was started in 2013 by CEO Roger Volodarsky when he decided he wanted more than the current industry could provide. He was after the cleanest, most potent, and most flavorful vaporizer on the market. However, when he looked around, he found nothing that fit the bill. This was the driving force behind him designing, building, and marketing a vaporizer that has no glues, no fibers, and no chemicals in any of the airways. His industry-leading innovation brought together the disciplines of design, engineering, and technology, with the mission of providing the best platform for concentrate consumption. It was strictly done in-house by consumers just like you and has led to the most awarded vaporizers and products in the industry. If you are looking for the purest, cleanest, and sleekest vaporizer you have ever used, then look no further than the Puffco Peak and the Puffco Vision Plus.

Puffco Peak Review
The Puffco Peak Smart Rig

The Puffco Peak

The Puffco Peak is what they call the Smart Rig and for good reason. The Puffco Peak has no complicated learning curve like some other vaporizer rigs. It is easy to use from the novice to the veteran. With four unique user heat settings, it is easy to dial in your experience no matter how you like to consume. Beginner or expert, small or big loads, flavor or big clouds, the Puffco Peak has the perfect setting for your individual needs. It also has a 20-second heat-up time, which is minuscule when compared to the 3-minute heat-up time of typical dab rigs. This means less waiting and more consumption. Throw it in a sesh-mode and you can extend your session creating the first social dab experience for you and your buddies. Also, the Puffco Peak has intelligent temperature calibration that automatically adjusts the heat times if your bowl is still hot — leading to a more consistent experience during repeated use and in sesh-mode. To top it all off, the Puffco Peak has an LED light band that provides battery and heat cycle info that can be turned off when needed to be more discreet. Haptic feedback is always there to keep your timing spot on to ensure you are getting the perfect hit. With a battery that provides around 30 dabs and can be charged in about 2 hours, what more could you ask for? Did we mention it comes in a carrying case with all the tools and accessories you need? This thing is an absolute steal at $299.99 MSRP and is even cheaper at a smoke shop wholesaler like MWI.

Puffco Vision Plus Review

Puffco Vision Plus

The Puffco Vision Plus is the first-ever pocket nail portable ceramic vaporizer pen. It sure sounds like a mouthful, but wow this thing rocks. The original Puffco Vision Plus is the most awarded and flavorful concentrate vape pen ever — now with a whole new look. Its beautiful color scheme catches the eye with its tripped look. Puffco cut no corners when creating their Puffco Vision Plus. First, they created a Puffco exclusive innovation, a combined carb cap, loading tool, and splash guard — all built into the mouthpiece. The dart can be easily extended by pressing down on the mouthpiece tip to make loading a clean and easy experience. With three heat settings, the Puffco Vision Plus makes it simple to select your favorite style of consumption from light and flavorful to thick smoke clouds. Combine that with a coil-less ceramic bowl and you have one of the cleanest, most potent, and flavorful vaporizers. Pack that into a pen that is easy to take with you on-the-go, and you’ve got a real crowd-pleaser.

What Are People Saying About Puffco?

“All in all, I was impressed. The Peak pushes the envelope of what a portable, electronic rig can be…In the two weeks I’ve had it, I’ve only hit my other glass rigs a couple of times. The convenience and ease make it so simple for me to drop in a dab, heat it up, enjoy some flavorful terps, and get right back to whatever was doing.” – Will Hyde (

“The Puffco Plus is a small and durable vape pen that produces potent vapor. I got a good result with just using a tiny dab since it vapes the wax efficiently. It has features that you don’t usually see in other similarly priced vape pens like the integrated dab tool and extended sesh mode that comes handy in any occasion.” – TVG Team (

Why Your Smoke Shop Should Carry Them

The real question is why shouldn’t you? If you own a smoke shop you should seriously consider stocking your shop with The Puffco Peak and the Puffco Vision Plus. They are the best and most awarded vaporizers on the market that not only work amazing but look beautiful while doing so. Swing by MWI to score some awesome deals on Puffco Peak and Puffco Vision as well as other vaporizers we offer wholesale and watch your shop dominate the market. Once again, you can thank us later.