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Top 10 Most Popular Smoke Shop Supplies To Keep In Stock

If you build it, they will come.

If you supply the right smoke supplies, they’ll come even faster. Get the traffic your smoke shop deserves by providing high-quality, coveted products. 

Because there are so many smoke shop supplies to choose from when buying wholesale smoke shop products, it can be quite overwhelming deciding which products to purchase. You really must know your ideal local customer and what they want to buy. 

We’ll extend a helping hand with the following guide on the top 10 smoke shop supplies you should be stocking up on immediately. Trust us when we say that the investment will pay off. mok

Rolling Papers, Scale

1. Decorative Trays

Your smoke shop doesn’t have to be boring. Add a bit of charm with a wide selection of decorative trays. 

A tray is a great addition to anyone’s home DIY smoking setup. It looks inconspicuous on a coffee table but becomes useful in the smoking preparation stages. 

Sell trays with decorative patterns, funny sayings, and psychedelic designs. Because everyone needs a tray to keep things tidy, you’ll be selling out of these before you know it. 

2. Vaporizers

Many people are heading to their local vape shop to make a long-term investment with a reusable vaporizer. Purchasing wholesale vaporizers will keep your business booming and customers buzzing. 

Select an array of fun colors and sizes. Purchase some larger vapes that are dab rig waterpipes and others like vape pens that fit easily into a jacket or pants pocket. No matter which wholesale vaporizers you go with, make sure they are known for quality and convenience.

Some cheaper vapes have issues with becoming too hot or breaking after several uses. By investing in high-quality products, you will be less liable for serious issues. 

3. Disposable Vaporizers

The hottest new smoking trend is the disposable vape. Whether or not vapers with reusable pens understand the trend, you know as a shop owner that they’ll sell. 

Stocking up now in wholesale disposable vapes is one of the smartest choices you can make, especially if you’re located by any major college campus. Some people are looking for a quick buzz without investing in an expensive vape. 

Have a variety of flavors on deck for people to customize their vaping experience. Keep note of the popular flavors to order again. 

Smoke Shop Products

4. Grinders

You’ll easily be a top shop in your area by supplying reliable grinders. Grinders are used to break up flowers, spices, and herbs used for smoking or cooking. 

To provide the best for your customers, find grinders that finely breaking up herbs and flowers. Have a variety of brightly colored grinders and some that are a bit easier to hide away. 

Supply grinders made with different materials. Plastic grinders are the most affordable on the market, but they break faster than metal grinders. If you want to have a few luxurious options on hand, provide the option of non-stick grinders. 

5. Rolling Papers

Some of your smoke shop customers enjoy the process of rolling their own cigarettes. They find the process o be meditative and enjoyable. 

Heighten their rolling experiences with high-quality rolling papers. Allow customers to select from a variety of colored and flavored rolling papers.

Display your rolling paper selection like a display that you would see in a candy store. Use pops of colors and signs describing the delicious flavors to draw people in. 

6. Scales

The next thing you search for should be, ‘scales for wholesale‘ because you’re going to need a big supply in your smoke shop. 

Scales help smokers guarantee they are using the right amount of herbs in whatever they are rolling up for the day. It helps users ration out their supply so they’re not panicking with an empty container on Friday nights. 

To fit your customers’ needs, order mini scales they can throw in a bag and larger scales they can use at home. Provide options wherever you can!

7. Lighters

Nothing captures the eye of a smoker quicker than a display of lighters. With their bright colors and unique designs, they’re cherished items in any smoke shop. 

A smoker’s lighter communicates their personality to others in a swift flick. Buy bulk lighters of different designs to help your customers pick out their unique personality pieces. 

For those looking for something heavy-duty, sell torch lighters that work well with dab rigs. 

8. Air Fresheners

While some people enjoy the act of smoking, they’re not fond of the smell it leaves behind. Buy wholesale air fresheners for people’s homes and cars. 

Provide cozy scents such as cinnamon apple, or give people a mini escape at home with a tropical scent. If you want to be even fancier, sell decorative candles, oil diffusers, and scented incense. 

Are some customers smoking on the go? Sell portable spray bottles of air freshener. 

9. Vape Juice

For your customers who’ve invested in reusable vape pens, it’s important you stock a selection of flavors of vape juice AKA e-juice or e-liquid. Picking a vape flavor for the day is like picking which perfume or cologne to wear. You want to switch it up based on how you are feeling. 

Have options like bubblegum and strawberry available for those with a sweet tooth. Keep things refreshing with mint or a light fuzzy peach taste.

Surprise customers with a weekly mystery rotation of unique flavors. They’ll come back each week to see what’s new!

10. Vape Pen Chargers

Nothing is more disappointing than going to take a break with your vape pen and then realizing it’s dead. Save people from this heartbreak by selling vape pen chargers. 

Sell a variety of chargers including wall chargers, USB chargers, and portable car chargers. Many customers feel better knowing they have a charger for anywhere they go. 

Must-Have Smoke Shop Supplies

To better build your smoke shop business, make sure you have theses top 10 essential smoke shop supplies. Research different wholesalers to get the products you need. 

Keep your lighters, grinders, Detox, and rolling papers stocked. Appeal to smoking homeowners with decorative trays and candles.

Are you searching for a reliable wholesaler for your smoke shop? Mike’s Worldwide, Inc. (MWI) is here to help. Check out our large selection of smoke supplies, and contact us today. 

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